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Allay; moderate, soothe, means to reduce excitement or emotion. To allay is to lay to rest or lull to a sense of security, possibly by making the emotion seem unjustified: to allay suspicion, anxiety, fear, and anger. To moderate is to tone down any excess and thus to restore calm.

Sounds good right! YES. And that is exactly what we do. We teach anxious, nervous and hyper dogs how to calm themselves. Let us teach you how to help your dog feel safe so together we can remove the unnecessary fear, anger, anxiety, destructive behaviour and restore them to the calm & content dog you have always wanted.

Discover Our Difference

We care deeply about our clients success, that is exactly why we have created such immersive programs loaded with knowledge, effective techniques, superior lesson delivery methods and a killer support team. Our programs are NOT for people who expect quick results without putting in the effort.

Exceeding your Expectations

We want to be sure that you not only succeed but exceed your goals and expectations. This is why we carefully screen all of our potential clients to make sure they are the right fit to work with us and our one of a kind programs.

If you are ready to experience this completely new way to train, then keep reading.
If not, that’s okay too.

Welcome to the Future of Dog Training

Our programs in-depth curriculum is designed to delivered you just the right amount of information, right when you need it. All Lessons have been carefully crafted and balanced so you won’t feel overwhelmed or even worse underwhelmed.

Engaged & immersive learning is sure to keep you motivated and chopping at the bit for whats next.

Support, OKAY this is where we really over delivered. You will never be alone. Interact and trouble shoot with our team of coaches, talented trainers, and helpful fellow students.

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly add anything else to our programs……. We added way more! So hold onto your hats ladies because we also including an incredible CUSTOM GIFT, a surprise carefully picked by our team just for you. You are going to LOVE IT but we need to keep some things secret, so think of it as a bonus for being such an awesome dog owner. Cause we know you are!

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Our Programs are Catered to Match your Specific Needs

Maybe, you’re a DIY type person, independent, not afraid to get your hands dirty and
don’t like a ton of help. If you are ready to take charge and make changes,
we have the perfect program for you.

Have a very limited schedule and want us to get the hard work done for you
while you’re away for work? We do that too!

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If you are ready to start building the life you want with your dog,
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