About Us

Meet our amazing team

Paige has a heart of pure gold and a calm, patient nature that not only makes her great with animals but an incredible teacher. She has worked with dogs professionally for 6 years including a private shadow program where she was able to train one on one with a highly respected leader in canine behaviour. She is passionate about teaching dogs how to let go of stress, fear, anxiety so they can live their best lives.

In her free time, Paige loves to ride her horse Fifi, train her dogs new tricks and watch training videos from her favourite mentors. She is a master of canine socialization with over 10,000 hours under her belt, a member of the IACP, and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.

Jenna everyone’s biggest cheerleader. She is a hardcore people person and animal lover on a mission to make peoples lives better anyway possible. She will bend over backwards to make sure you and your dog are successful in your training and without a doubt Jenna will keep you laughing and having a good time. She was raised with many animals and has continued to pass her love of animals on to her two beautiful children.

Jenna loves Rally obedience and has completed training programs from numerous Academies including Karen Pryor.

Carla is a self proclaimed dog nerd and our resident techie. She keeps all our complicated online programs running smoothly in the background. She was Canada’s very first Certified Canine Resistance Trainer, she has trained with numerous Leaders in the industry and is a professional member of the IACP and even that was not enough for Carla. She loves working with all dogs but the real difficult dogs are where her heart is at. That is what drove her to found Manitoba’s first GRC club Little Victory Dogsports and become an Apprentice GRC Judge.

Better Together

We are driven to learn more and to try to be better everyday. Together we have travelled days by car & plane to learn from many experts around North America.