Little Victory Dogsport Club

Lockport Manitoba GRC & CRT dogsport club

What is GRC? The mission of GRC Dogsports is to provide PEOPLE with the motivation to give their dogs the training they need to thrive in this world, and a healthy place to put all of their natural drives. We want to re-purpose the old APBT games to show not just the amazing gameness and relationship, but also the control and teamwork you can achieve through training.

Social Responsibility Test:
The SR test is broken into three portions. A Leash Communication portion. An Obedience portion. And a Liberty Portion. Unlike most tests, you will LOSE points for focused control during the Leash/Liberty portion. We allow focused heeling as a management strategy to walk your dog past the distractions. And, clearly if your dog has an unresolvable issue with a trigger, an incompatible command of focus is the responsible thing to do! But, the ultimate goal would be for a dog to be able to make good, relaxed, decisions in these situations without the need to be “under orders”. We want to encourage handlers to have dogs that can play hard, AND be liveable. The scoring reflects that. In the Obedience portion, it is done as a more traditional test of verbal command obedience. Here is where we WANT to see the focused control Obedience is associated with. An SR Title must be earned by every dog, BEFORE being allowed to move on to the drive events.

The previous descriptions are taken directly from the GRC website. For more information on GRC including rules & regulations check out

Drive Sports:
Spring Pole
Wall Climb
Treadmill Race
Weight Pull (CRT Canine Resistance Training available)

All Breeds Welcome

Why is the club called Little Victory?
In dog training it is too easy to focus only on the long term goals. Although it is important to have clear mapped out long term goals, many people lose the focus and drive for training when those goals seem too distant and unreachable. In order to stay committed to our training we must take the time to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate all the small wins along the way.

Little Victory Dogsports Annual Membership
optional $25USD annual GRC membership is required if you plan on testing for SR and competing in any of the drive sports.
Annual Little Victory Dogsports Membership includes:
-Monthly indoor training meet ups with access to equipment and free access to the trainers
-Discounts on SR GRC group classes and workshops (discount does not apply to special presenters etc)
-Vote on what equipment our club should prioritize purchasing
-Priority sign-up for classes and workshops.

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