Canine Resistance Training

Allay Canine is proud to have Canada’s very first Certified Canine Resistance Trainer.



Canine Resistance Training (CRT) is best described by its founder Ashley Sculac

“The CRT program is a customized strength and conditioning program available for all dogs, regardless of sport, age, or breed. It is an multifaceted modality of training that is a vital component to any dog and will provide not only health and physical benefits, but also betterment in mental health. The program is multi-phased, uncomplicated, and yet comprehensive. Each phase contains a highlighted focus. It is broken down and simplified into a process that is easy and SAFE to integrate into any dog’s training and life routine. Whether your dog is heavily involved in sports and you are looking for a unique cross training program, or you are simply looking for a way to prevent injuries, CRT can help. If you have aspirations to compete and do it safely while maintaining your dog’s integrity and physical well-being, CRT will properly build your dog up slowly to give you longevity and a beautiful relationship in the process. Many dogs can benefit greatly with the use of CRT woven into their daily lives because it provides biological fulfillment, mental confidence, and is a great team building exercise! “

Who is Canine Resistance Training for?

-Performance dogs owners looking to increase strength, stamina, muscle structure to help reduce the risk of injury to their dog during practice and competitions.
-Behaviour rehabilitation dog owners. Dogs with reactivity, anxiety, aggression who are looking for a safe, healthy activity that their dog can safely participate in.
-And everyone else who wants to get outside with their dog and have some fun


Benefits of CRT:


-Biological Fulfilment
-Improves Mental Health
-Improves Physical Health
-Improves Human-Dog Relationship

CRT Health Requirements:

  1. Structurally Mature Dog
    10-60lbs min 12months of age
    60lbs+ min 18months of age
  2. Approval from your Veterinarian

CRT Equipment Needed:

  1. Custom sized weight pull harness
    -Padded neckline
    -Extra length to allow full movement of hind legs
    Budget $90-$160 depending on maker
  2. Flexi leash or long line
  3. Flat collar
  4. Custom CRT Session Program
  5. Chains cut & weighed

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