Aggressive Dog Help

We work with dogs of all ages and temperaments including many dogs experiencing a variety of aggression issues. We understand that living with an aggressive dog can be very stressful and disruptive to your families daily life.  So please do not feel embarrassed or like a failure, remember we are here to help, educate and support not judge. Sometimes it takes a village and that is okay.  Now, let’s take a look at what can influence aggressive behavior in dogs:

-Stress and Fear
-Resiliency and Trauma
-Hormones (Common for “Teenage dogs”)
-Physiological Factors
-Learned Behavior
-Threshold & Tolerance

Aggression can be difficult to pinpoint because there are several types and causes.  Also, a dog may fall into more than one category.  First, let’s narrow down WHAT or WHO is the dog aggressive towards?

-Dog to Dog Aggression
-Dog to Dog (Intra Household)
-Dog to Prey Animal
-Dog to Human (Stranger)
-Dog to Human (Known)
-Dog to Animate Object

Once we know what or who the dog is aggressive towards we can start to figure out the WHY.  One or many of the following could be the root cause of the aggression:

-Leash Reactivity
-Fear Aggression
-Prey Aggression
-Territorial Aggression
-Possession(resource guarding) Aggression
-Idiopathic (Medical) Aggression

Most aggressive dogs can be rehabilitated with the proper techniques, structure, and support.  When left untreated, an aggressive dog usually gets worse on his own, not better.  It is common to see a dog that starts out only aggressive towards one person (a male stranger with a hat) become aggressive towards any stranger.  Always, get professional help from a qualified dog trainer with specialized training in aggression.

Contact us today because dog behavior is what we do and regardless of the issue, we are always here to help