Leash Reactivity Help

Does your dog bark, lung or growl at people, dogs, or moving objects while on leash? It sounds like you have a leash reactive dog. We know how embarrassing and isolating it can be to have a sweet dog that acts like a complete maniac on leash. Trying to find locations to walk your dog without triggers can be tough and walking your dog becomes stressful.  The good news is this is a VERY common problem and a can be corrected relatively easily and quickly.

The treatment for leash reactivity starts with private day training,  where we asses your dogs’ social skills, if necessary help him regain his social skills and we teach him how to calm himself. At the end of the day, we have a lesson with the family so we can teach you the new techniques your dog has learned that will make walking him a breeze again. Finally, we continue the training with our real life stimulating group classes and outings so you can practice out in the real world with the support of your trainers and our friendly and encouraging ALLAY Calm Canine Community.


Contact us today so you can start enjoying walks with your dog again!