Overnight Board & Train

Overnight Training Services


Your puppy will live with one of our trainers 24hrs a day for 12 days with training focusing on housebreaking, crate training, house manners, socialization, exposure and leash skills. Also includes five Group Class Passes and two VIP Daycare visits. This package starts with a drop off and first appointment on Monday.


*All dogs must have completed the Allay Intro as a means of assessment before being enrolled in our rehabilitation program. Cost of the previous program will be subtracted from rehabilitation training fees.

Hardcore private training program for dogs that need more time. Our 1-week program features five days and four nights of extensive training and socializing for our hyperactive, fearful, and/or aggression dogs. Drop off Between 9am-1pm Monday, go home lesson Friday 1pm-5pm. Our two-week behavior rehabilitation program includes a weekend at home with homework. Also included in the package are 10 group class passes and two VIP daycare visits.

1 WEEK Five Days/Four Nights
2 WEEK Ten Days/Nine Nights
WEEKS 20 Days/ Sixteen Nights