Polite Puppy Training

Oh, the joys a puppy can bring to the home! So cute and playful. But, what happens when the relationship starts getting stressful. Nipping, jumping, peeing in the house, barking, pulling on leash, food aggression, these are all common behavior problems our clients complain about. And when negative interactions start outweighing the positive ones and you start questioning why did we get a puppy in the first place?  Let us show you how to set your puppy up for success with an easy to follow structured training program. Age is not an excuse for bad behavior. We have successfully taught puppies as young as 3 months old to greet people politely, accept affection without nipping, play nice with other dogs, heel on leash, come when called, potty outside, stop destructive chewing, not to bark or whine and be calm in the house.

We have numerous training packages available to meet your needs and fit your busy schedule. The best time to start training your puppy is now. Contact us to get started!