Group Class *Puppy Party 24th 6pm

Group and Social time!

Special group class just for our puppies and small breed adults! We will work on leash manners, handling skills, play some fun games and finish the class with an off-leash puppy party at the end. We will walk you through a supervised off-leash play session with an educational discussion on reading body language and safety tips etc.

If you are not sure if your dog can attend? Just ask us!

Group Handling Classes: Practice leash skills, impulse control, recall reliability, placement and being calm in a safe controlled environment. No two classes will be exactly the same. All dogs must have completed a private training program before attending. This allows us to have a safe and controlled environment. Please call 204-757-2701 or email to register

Where: Canvasback Pet Supplies 1 Wellink Drive Lockport

When:  Monday, Sept 24th 6pm

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