March 8th 2:30pm Group Puppy Classes

Level 1 – Jump Start Puppy Classes 6 week program

Allay Calm Canine 6-week Puppy Jump Start classes that offers you and your puppy everything you need to start off on the right foot to a trusting and loyal friendship!

6 Weeks Of Classes  – Our classes are 1 hour long, each class gives you different fundamentals to everyday living and training tips to take home and put into action! The most important class we offer out of the 6 weeks is the first class. In the first class, we ask you to leave your cute puppy at home for our Sit Down Class. This class goes through tools you can use with your dogs, we will teach you and your dog to better understand each other. Puppies must have their first set of shots and be less than 7 months of age unless you have talked to one of the trainers.     

Two Trainers for every class – Each class will have two hands on trainers working with you and your dog. This allows us to provide every owner with quality 1-one-1 time and as much support as you may need

Fun & Supportive Environment – Training a puppy should be fun, that’s why we get dogs in the first place. We pride ourselves in making our classes an upbeat and positive experience for both dog and owner.

Plus – 10% off your first puppy essentials – At your first class you will receive a coupon for a discount at Canvasback Pet Supplies on the tools you may need to start your puppy in the right direction.

We look forward to helping you and your puppy in the first steps to starting an amazing friendship!

Call 204-757-2701 or email to register